Enjoy a Comfortable Environment Using the Right Heating and Cooling Appliance

Living and working in a comfortable environment has become commonplace, but providing this level of comfort is not as easy as people think. An HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system can use a lot of energy to cool a building down and the more people in the space, the tougher the task becomes. Air conditioning repair Marietta is one way to help lower the cost of this task because an efficiently operating AC uses less energy for compressing the refrigerant or moving the cold air.


Generating heat is just as expensive because the system must first create the heat that gets spread around. Luckily, the home or business owner has an advantage because newer appliances are much more efficient at these tasks. Expert installers like those at Assured Comfort can help calculate the exact size requirements for any environment.

One way to ensure the HVAC system functions correctly is to have annual maintenance performed. That is, having a trained technician clean, test and repair the appliance so that it performs at its peak efficiency. However, the standard HVAC is not the only option for providing a comfortable environment. Other possibilities include the high velocity HVAC, the split or ductless system and heat pumps.

Experts such as those at www.assuredcomfort.com/cooling/ often suggest the HVAC because people are familiar with this appliance, however, not everyone likes the appearance or bulk of the air delivery system that the HVAC uses. A high velocity system avoids this issue by using small tubes, about two inches in diameter, for transporting air from the unit to each treated space. This allows the insertion of the delivery pipes inside walls and other tight spaces and reduces the amount of damage the building may suffer from the installation.

A ductless AC works with multiple blowers. This gives the user control over each treated area where a delivery unit is located. Plus, the split system can be reversed so that heat is brought into the space as required. This allows for treating one area that may be occupied while reducing energy usage in spaces with little traffic. Split systems are a great option for large buildings that require different levels of comfort due to various office spaces being leased, but they also make a great system for home use.

If power consumption is a major concern, then the heat pump may be the best choice. A heat pump uses a small amount of refrigerant to transport accumulated heat from one side of the system to the other. This implies that the heat pump can be reversed so that heat is brought into or removed from the treated space. Unlike the split system, the heat pump uses a forced air delivery method and air ducts for supplying the treated air. However, this makes it easier to replace an HVAC if the property owner decides to go this route. Visit the website and learn more at AssuredComfort.com.